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it's not bingo, it's blingo...& other assorted goodness.

okay, so a handful of people on my lj friends' list have won things ranging from a portable dvd player, to a movie ticket, to an itunes gift certificate, and i like free stuff. it's just like searching with google. in fact, it's powered by google, so there is no difference other than YOU CAN WIN PRIZES. if you haven't signed up yet, please sign up through me and we can both start winning with our searches! :)

BIG PIECE OF AWESOME NEWS: jason anderson got back to my place from soma studios at 12:30 this morning. the new album is totally done. felix, juliet, danelle, and i were watching 'party party' when he walked in.

i am packed and ready for josh and i's trip to dayton, but i keep feeling like i forgot something major this morning (update, great, i remembered what it was and this sucks. i just texted danelle about it). if the snow starts again, we are going to postpone the trip until another weekend. it would be good to hang with jason & crew, as well as go to the chicago craft mafia's st. valentine's craftsacre. either way, i'd be happy.
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