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"sing to the east, sing to the west..."

last minute leigh strikes again! i finished my contribution for the february sampler at 12 last night and finished packaging it at 1. i mailed it off this morning and was assured it would be there by noon tomorrow (the deadline). eek! it feels good. i had a couple of ideas for valentine type cards, but then i decided a multiple use card is better for people who don't celebrate valentine's day. PLUS, it's inspired by my mixtape tattoo (but i actually drew this one) and people who dislike mixtapes go to the LIONS :) let me know if you want one. i made a PLETHORA of them. hopefully janice will want some for copacetique.

josh (the boy who makes me swoon)

james jonasjames + josh

sometimes it's just easier to post pictures without text. sigh (the good kind).
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