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frau holle/mother holly/the spindle and the well

does anyone have ANY memory of the cartoon version of this story? it's kind of DRIVING ME INSANE that i still have yet to find it. i've found all of my childhood classics (the original little mermaid, dot & the kangaroo, and the last unicorn). my mom always told me she had no memory of me watching a cartoon version of frau holle/mother holle/mother holly/the spindle and the well, but i recall vividly: a girl falling into a well, large ovens baking bread and the bread calling out for the girl to take them out, and an apple tree's apples calling out "shake me, shake me". i found vhs live action of a german live action movie of this tale and it was weak (i bought it on ebay), but there is totally an awesome cartoon. i think i must have watched it when i was a kid in germany because it is IMPOSSIBLE to find any information on an animated version. anyone know any germans who might be able to answer this question?

not too long ago we were gathered around the kitchen talking about favorite kids movies that were impossible to find and this was mine. it seriously haunts my dreams. help!

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