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yay for medicine

my tonsilitis is under control. thanks for the kind words, friends. on friday i went to the most ghetto doctor's office i have ever been to but the doc seemed to know what she was doing. the wait took forever since it was a walk in clinic and i made fun of the young & the restless and then the bold & the beautiful with an older woman. the doctor repeated: "i can't believe you are 26 and still have these huge tonsils. you must get these taken out," a multitude of times. i left with a prescription for antibiotics and a referral to a doc she recommended to remove my tonsils. sigh. i still have hesitation about it but i think it's truly come to a point where it has to be done. josh brought me chicken noodle soup that i had asked him to bring but he had already planned to bring me. he makes me swoon one million swoons.

it is ginny's birthday today. leave her kind words: treefort! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GINNY!
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