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* you get to drink from the fire hose *

dan + shannon are both extremely awesome. tonight shannon joined our late night movie club. they got here around midnight. they laughed at me making malibu baybreezes, but drank them right up. we watched 'shower'. then we paused it and had one of the funniest conversations i have had in ages while we ate fake bacon + tostitos. i can't remember all of the conversation, but some of it involved catholics and their methods for knowing when they could have sex and not make a baby. dan mentioned copyrighting a device that the woman would breathe in to know when she was and was not fertile. i added that it would show a picture of jesus giving the thumbs up if it was okay and then i think shannon added the bit where it would show a picture of a model car? or maybe it was dan. either way, those kids crack me up! yay! and now for something completely different...sleep!
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