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it's cold outside (and inside)

i'm about to run downstairs to turn the heat up a bit bit bit. though allison and ginny's presents still aren't here (w the f), i came home to the pipettes 7" single from total gaylord and my december sampler! oh my. it was a good haul! that's in addition to all the awesome gifts i got. i got mat & nat shoes, boots, and a purse. i got a wacom drawing tablet (yay) so i can stop borrowing danelle's. i got a lil' stack of books and two movies (blow up & wicker park). i got two of the radiohead mugs as well because i am trying to start a band mug collection.

you know why dan is one of my nearest and dearest? since we didn't have our own cds and the suv we rented to drive back only had a cd player, we made an awesome game out of listening to the stacks and stacks of mostly bad compilation cds i brought along with us. after listening to them, we left the ones we deemed terrible, we left around rest stops in ohio and indiana. oh man oh man. we are awesome and all in all, had a pretty spectacular traffic free drive back. i freaked out a bit over the weather in PA, but we did get to stop in somerset, pa and i went to EAT 'N PARK to get the smiley face cookies and then we ate at the summit inn, one of my fave diners.

i got to see some of my very favorite people this holiday, though i did miss quite a few of you (niko/shannon) completely and i didn't get to see others enough. my toes are freezing. i'm going to jump under the covers and maybe i'll listen to some of a long way down.

tomorrow i plan on sorting through all the stuff i brought back and figure out what it takes to bring stuff to the ebay store. :)

ps. i did decide on a camera. thanks to evan's suggestion, i went with this one just because it combined both the features i wanted, was cheaper, and is still a darn good camera. i also remember how much i've liked the other canon models my friends have had. we'll see.

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