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"getting hit by people i don't know...sugar...i'd rather play a different sort of game..."

i heart stuart murdoch! listening to 'storytelling' has inspired me to actually put together:

leigh's definitive rockstar boyfriend list
paul hayden desser [hayden]
thom yorke [radiohead]
ed o'brien [radiohead]
jonny greenwood [radiohead]
colin greenwood [radiohead]
stuart murdoch [belle & sebastian]
ross cummins [symposium - rip]
aaron carlson [carlsonics]
pat houlihan [daisyhaze - rip]
alec boyajy [anne summers - rip]
chris colthart [pApAs fritAs/the solar saturday: colin firth lookalike!]
eric axelson [the dismemberment plan]
piotr fijalkowski [adorable - rip/polak]
gruff rhys [super furry animals]
jeremiah green [modest mouse/red stars theory]
bobby wratten [trembling blue stars/northern picture library - rip/the field mice - rip]
brian tighe [the hang ups - rip]
mark monnone [the lucksmiths]
greg pavlovcak [the ropers - rip/the saturday people]
andy kaffer [kissing book]
drew [kissing book/mosquitos]
john duhfilho [the deathray davies]
oakley munsen [the rondelles - rip]
chris murphy [sloan]
bill kuehn [rainer maria]
rivers cuomo [weezer]
jay cox [the ivory coast]
ben gibbard [death cab for cutie]
matt cherry [maserati]
gary lightbody [snow patrol/the reindeer section]
carrick moore gerety [the push kings - rip?]
finn moore gerety [the push kings - rip?]
jack black [tenacious d]
luke wood [sammy - rip]
jesse hartman [sammy - rip/laptop]
conor oberst [bright eyes/desaparecidos]
ryan gentles [the selzers - rip]
kip berman [the starve]
adam green [moldy peaches]
chris carraba [dashboard confessional]
jeremy greene [longwave - former drummer]
mike kennedy [lefty's deceiver/matt pond pa]
jarvis cocker [pulp]
kevin barker [aden/currituck co.]
josh kaffer [my little brother]
niko tombras [the 'lil hospital - sometimes]
jaime harding [marion]
brendan canning [by divine right]
nikolai fraiture [the strokes]
johan [club 8]
stuart david [looper/formerly in belle & sebastian]
mat flint [revolver]
matt mahaffey [self]
tommy scott [space - rip]
ian webber [the tender idols]
nigel powell [unbelievable truth]

leigh's definitive rock star girlfriend list
julie doiron [eric's trip]
mirah yom tov zeitlyn [the microphones]

**leigh's definitive list of rockstar boyfriends she wouldn't make out with:
isaac brock [modest mouse]
eric judy [modest mouse]
phil selway [radiohead]
mark linkous [sparklehorse]
jeremy enigk [sunny day real estate]

** this section added after getting 2 "why not phil" comments!
one day i'll actually go back and put these in the order in which i'd make-out with them, but for the
moment this is a pretty darn complete list of ppl i'd had stupid rock star crushes on.
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