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pondering a move back?

i am going to see king kong with jtak in a matter of hours now. i don't really know why i will bother going to bed. tonight was night two in a row where i just lusted after the thought of moving back to dc. i saw some awesome faces tonight: firstly alex, then at black cat: kathleen, clark, chach, christina (visiting), vini (visiting), maha, alan, hamooda, gonzo, ann, dan balki (again), chad america, jeanie, julia gulia (wtf!), patrick, bernie, chuck, cesar, etc. at dc9 we saw karyn, eran, bill s., kt, and matt brown. i could go on and on about how good of a time i had just catching up with people i had not seen in ages, but i won't. i had a great time. my throat hurts more than it did when i went to the doctor and, to top it off, i may have an ear infection.

amanda, you should seriously start cutting hair for a living. i have had more compliments on this haircut than i have had on any others combined!
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