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when there's more going on, i tend to write less.

i didn't get to see aeon flux, but just from seeing the previews for the film, i imagine that this bendy woman would have been a better aeon. speaking of movies, last night rani, dan, ginny, and i saw the family stone. it was alright. it was not particularly memorable, but there were a few very funny moments. overall, i am glad that i saw it, but would not see it again.

1. i haven't written much lately, but a lot has been going on. good, bad. i'm not feeling like writing about it in a public forum.

2. movies watched since sunday morning: the family stone, the corporation (1/2 of it), eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, mean creek

3. i had a really, truly good friday night with a boy; our time spent split between two birthdays (rachel & kristennn).

4. see #3. after a really surreal time at dcfc/psychedelic furs saturday night, ginny saved the day and we went to hollywood grill, 7-11, and kinko's where i brainstormed and drew the design for my holiday card! i made and sent out a thick stack of said cards. stephanie is also THE BEST because she let me YELL INTO THE PHONE AT HER. i love my ladies.

5. i had an awesome conversation with hannah mollymolly sunday or monday night. man, i am seriously psyched for sxsw and seeing other old and new friends. omg, even stacey everisoverall!

6. i read (listened to) candyfreak by steve almond and i loved it! i forgot to download 'a long way down' for my shuffle, so now = boo. on the L this morning i just listened to ADORABLE and thought about two mixes i am making. one for #3. the other is my year end mix. for the year end mix, oh my god dudes. i had 49 songs dragged into winamp last night and i didn't get to sleep until 3am. this was a good year for music and i still feel that i missed out on a lot!

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