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rhymes with twee on copacetique

the loveliest of janices has put some of my rhymes with twee goods up at copacetique! i am super psyched, dudes. she'll also be bringing my stuff (along with a million other awesome things) to i heart rummage @ the croc in seattle, so say hi from me.

last night was another night gathered 'round the kitchen table talking with dan's friends who were visting from dc and their friend chris who used to work at black cat. brendan and jennifer jennopher stopped by for awhile too. during the course of the night i drank an entire fifth of whisky dispersed into 6 cups of green tea with honey (sorry ginny). it's the only thing that would stop the coughing momentarily, though i did wake up this morning from a dream where i was at a work party, which was on a yacht in the middle of the ocean and my boss was pointing out different kind of whales swimming in the ocean. um, yeah, i have no idea either? the night before amanda mandroid2000 cut my hair after we went to club foot. two nights in a row talking about dc was good times. as a result, i have not finished a number of things i need to get done relating to holiday things. tonight = wrapping & screening personal holiday cards. w the f, california paper goods? actually, it's more like, w the f, ups?
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