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"i'd do anything to ruin everything..."

why is all the music he listens to so great? seriously. i downloaded stuff by little wings cos he'd listed that he was 'dropping smit bombs on' them and they're great too. even bands/singers i wasn't too partial of before have snuggled close to my heart. elliot smith and old 97's: no one before him had been able to convert me. i am dreadfully sad [again] right now. his last final is thursday. i keep having dreams of just showing up at his graduation. last night i thought really hard about what the repercussions of that would be. what would happen.

i would hope that something like this would happen: he would see me after his graduation, that he would look down at his feet and then he'd look back up at me with tears in his eyes, and then he'd just run towards me, tearing his graduation gown off and throwing his cap up in the air, and he'd pick me up and we'd tightly embrace and then he'd swing me around movie-style. then he'd set me down and we'd have a long soft kiss and tears would run down our faces and onto one another's cheeks and chins. then the screen would fade to black and the credits would roll.

-1 round trip ticket to spokane [cost: approx. $370]
-1 compact rental car from spokane [cost: approx. $129.50]
-seeing the one person in the world i want to see [priceless]

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