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2005 journal meme

post the first sentence from each entry of each month in your 2005 livejournal.

01/05: SO, my new year's was great in the poconos.
02/05: there's a surprise that i will present on lj either tonight or tomorrow.
03/05: i didn't really take the time to post anything about my weekend back home, so i figured i'd type something up in the beginning of my lunch break.
04/05: we've just arrived home from paul's parent's home in rochester, ny.
05/05: good morning everyone. ladies, please check --->
06/05: woo! it's been a whirlwind recently.
07/05: i was going to write a lengthy post about the events that transpired this weekend, but i decided against it.
08/05: "My love, do you ever dream of candy coated raindrops?
09/05: made a new friend named rani.
10/05: yesterday alex picked me up from dulles and we: 1 / came back to my house, saw my parents and shadow.
11/05: 505 books...I've read 76 of 505 below.
12/05: i got the okay from jason and i am going to cover this song for the split ep.


it's really weird to see just the first sentence yet still know exactly what transpired that day in that month. there were a lot of ups and downs this year, mostly good. i am feeling a lot better today though i am still coughing up bits. i am drinking loads of tea and i ate chicken and rice soup tomorrow. no panic for me tonight since i have to be at 100% for narnia tomorrow night. last night i started listening to my very first audiobook. thank you laura mauamau for talking up a million little pieces by james frey. that's the second book i downloaded from, but the first one i am listening to. nick hornby's a long way down was first, but for some reason i figured that this one would be less depressing. i think i might have been wrong, but it's good. it's strange listening to a book as opposed to flipping through pages. i got a free 512mb ipod shuffle for signing up for a 6 months subscription and i am loving how light it is. i plan to use it at the gym when i go back (why not make it a whole year of me not going to the gym, eh?) and only keep workout songs on it as well as audiobooks. tonight i plan to read read the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe so i have it all vivid and fresh in my mind for tomorrow.

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