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hella accomplished

i swore to myself i would get at least something done tonight and i sure did, even after getting home at 10pm.

01 | i finally settled on a band name; one that i had been tossing around my head for years actually that is not my_old_sunsets. are you ready for it? the secret scene. honestly, it's been at least 4 years that i have been pondering that as a band name. if you have ever been to a movie with me you know that i stick around until the very end of most films to see if there is a secret scene. voila! i love it.

02 | i threw together a placeholder for the website of said band.

03 | after that i put together a tad more complicated site for my craft site rhymes with twee. holy heck dudes! i'll be photographing more of my crafts and working on getting a shopping cart set up in the upcoming weeks.

04 | i started a myspace for said band but i am waiting on one of the almighty tom's peons approval to change the profile into a band before messing around with it.

05 | which crafty ladies (and maybe like two dudes) want to link swap with rhymes with twee? xo.

06 | 'just friends' was one of the funniest movies i have ever seen. myself, ginny, and dan met up with a boy i met off craigslist and his roommie after i'd met up with him last night at delilah's. i really loved that our group of friends was all laughing at parts that NO ONE else was laughing at. the people i hang with are AWESOME.

i love stephanie and charlie bundles and bundles.

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