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a plethora of photographs

2005-11-24: Thanksgiving
2005-11-19: Impromptu Milwaukee Trip featuring jeremy, michael tonydanza, stephen discreet_charm, and aaron thefuckingvold.
2005-11-18: Headlights @ Subterranean
2005-11-14: Riot Act Media Showcase @ Empty Bottle (Metal Hearts --> Hanalei --> The Narrator)

yesterday was really awesome. it was a small but good gathering; myself, dan, allison, jeremy, and nesha. ginny dropped by for a drink and a mini cheesecake. :) everything was delicious except the bland greenbeans. good freakin' times. after stuffing ourselves we played go fish, scrablle, bullshit, and rummy. then we dropped nesha off and went to club foot where we ran into rachel, billy, and her friend christina (?) as well as becky. jeremy decided he wanted to go to one more bar since he was doing so well with pool (i made one great shot with his guidance), so we headed to nick's beer garden. i think i said it before but you will never get me in there again after last night. i really dislike it.

we're waiting on jeremy to get back from the t-mobile store and then allison and i are venturing up to threadless to visit dan at work. jeremy didn't bring music stuff so i was bummed, but i might be venturing up to mke this weekend to work on it some more. hm!
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