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band name question.

seeing as i am getting serious about this whole making music thing, i really want to be married to a name. i actually really do like my current name my_old_sunsets, however, i don't feel it's fitting of the type of music i have and will be making. during lunch today i thought of the name 'so said the sunset'. stephanie says that it sounds super emo. i really like it. say it aloud. it sounds beautiful. i love alliteration. i also like 'said the sunset', but less so. what do you think? when gruff and i were talking last night he told me asked me the name i was going by and i answered with 'my old sunsets' and he thought about it for a moment and said he really liked that and that each release could have a different sunset as the cover and how cool that would be. i really like sunsets, but i don't want to be typecast into a subgenre just because of a name. what do you guys think?

Poll #617335 boyfriends & girlfriends

The name of my musical endeavor should be:

so said the sunset
said the sunset
none of the above

I do not like any of the above because:

My suggestion for your band name is:

What are some reasons you have been dumped?

What are some reasons you have dumped someone else?

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