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journey's end (the montgolfier brothers)

skylines change
memories still remain
some friends stay
some make their escape

i walk these streets
i've known this place for too long
and since you've gone
got used to being alone

i think about you
from time to time
from summer's shower
'til winter sunshine.

you can't stop time
hard as you might try
we're not here long
and then you're gone

i meant to tell you
i meant to hold you more
i meant to change
meant to mend my ways

i miss the sound
of your key in the door
i miss you telling me
how your day has gone

we can't stop time
hard as we might try
we're not here long
and then we're gone

you can't stop time
hard as you might try
we're not here long
and then you're gone


yesterday came and went without me thinking about how it was two months to the day that paul and i broke up. actually it would have been our year and a half anniversary, had we stayed together. this song is beautiful, but not even that painful. it feels more nostalgic than anything. not knowing how he is doing and that his parents were in town pulls on my heart strings still though.

i've been thinking of getting a bracelet tattoo of words that i'd cover up with a watch at work. i've had a few ideas i really liked, but seeing as i only have two wrists, i have to narrow it down. i know that one will hurt like hell. speaking of hurting like hell, my touchup with esther for the headphones tattoo is now scheduled. yes, as most of you said i am strongly thinking about going back for the cord. the touchup will be the test. depending on what esther thinks, i may be getting the place setting idea done that session as well. no idea if that will be able to take place or not. i guess it depends how quick the touchup is. cross yr fingers that i don't bleed.

everyone should buy these records from poppolar. erico is the best & the prices are cheap:
the montgolfier brothers - journey's end cdep
loveninjas - i'm really sorry (that i killed you) cdep

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