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nanowrimo & feeling tough

Official NaNoWriMo 2005 Participant

a few of you have reminded me of this year's nanowrimo (national novel writing month). since i vowed to do it in 2002, 2003, 2004, and never ended up doing it, i figure that the 4th time is a charm. as of tuesday, i am going to attempt an experiment where i don't write in lj for the entire month so i can concentrate on writing the novel i've had floating around in my head for years now. i'll also need to be concentrating on writings songs for when gavin and i record. i have two so far that i've been penning out and i got an idea for a third yesterday.

1 + last night i stayed up making my costume and also props to go along with it. i made a bit over 150 cards for people to fill out and for me to deliver (being the postal service and all). honestly, i have no idea how many of them will get used since we are going to a multitude of parties (4, possibly 5) we plan to go to saturday night.
2 + tonight is the hold steady and i'm pretty psyched. i've been listening to 'almost killed me' and 'separation sunday' heaps and heaps. this is a confession but i feel kind of tough when i'm listening to them on the L. i guess it's funny that a pop kid such as myself feels tough! rar!
3 + i am getting my hair cut after work at robert jeffrey. i need to formulate a plan with brandy & stephanie asap.
4 + don't get near me since i am still kicking this sickness, or rather it's kicking my sinuses. gross drippage in the back of my throat. i'm off to find some meds!

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