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any ideas?

who rang my doorbell twice at 7:50 this morning? no package slip, no notes slid underneath the door. please step up if you've got anything. i chose to stay in my toasty bed that extra 10 minutes rather than get out of bed and it turns out dan did too so this remains a mystery. yawn! hey guess what? not only is my phone broken but the phone they sent to replace it is broken as well. did i step on an anthill in a past life? the good thing is that they sent me another battery, so i will have two when my new phone finally gets here. this current battery has 3 bars left on it, so i am not going to leave my phone on, but i will be able to check messages. leave me messages, folks. natalia's wasn't AS funny as i thought it would be but i figure she had to leave it covert as to not wake up her 'rents. i wish i had saved last night's aim conversation. mwahhahah.


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