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be my refrigerator.

i blame allison matchgirl for my body's state today. i just woke up and immediately barrelled over to the computer to tell diana that i was feeling like crap since my phone picked an awesome time to be DEAD. god. i must have entirely slept through my alarm because i have no memory of slamming it off. here we go again with the dizzy head cold feeling like it has taken residence atop my shoulders and claimed victory. last night i watched 'the picture of dorian gray' and found myself very disappointed. then i went to sleep. you know what else is a terrible movie that i watched last week? a dirty shame. i possibly chuckled once. i am going to scout for some feel better medicine and then i'm going back to bed. anyone who wants to bring over chicken noodle soup who knows where i live is welcome to. all i have in the fridge are wings from cleo's and some eggs and like 1/4 cup reeses' puffs cereal but i don't think i have any milk.
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