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friends don't let friends drink hard cider, then light rum, followed by dark rum, followed by a g&t

dudes, omg. like, seriously, omg. never. again.

dan turned 28 yesterday and last night we ushered him into his new age with a surprise party, the likes of which i have attended but never thrown myself. thanks a million to rani, patricia, ginny and brendan. also, the threadless posse. it would not have happened without everyone's help. for a last minute party it was killer. a copious amount of alcohol was consumed. a plethora of amazing conversations were had. i remembered erika and sara's names because i wrote them on the whiteboard!

oh, there are photos, but i didn't upload them to my computer yet. i actually got a great shot of dan being surprised when everyone yelled surprise.

after everyone left danelle and i drove to open end gallery to see the prayers and tears tear down and load their van. honestly, that part feels like it didn't even happen. i apologize right now to perry and alex because i was definitely a little worse for the wear there. seriously, omg. stephanie and i just text messaged each other and she is in the same boat. i love it! alcohol and i are getting divorced, or at least separated for a long time.
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