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i want my summer back (jason anderson)

are you happy now?
i want to drink.
i want to do something weird to myself.
oh no; i want to fail.

i dont want to die.
i want amnesia.
i want to sleep for three hundred years.
i want you erased; yeah.

shame on me.
for opening to you...
i want a fucking coma.
i want my summer..

- jason anderson


today it's been one month. while i don't feel like this most days, it does hit me like a train sometimes. i slept most of today away. when i laid down for nap #2 after eating and saying goodbye to stephanie, i just had this song playing over and over in my head, juxtaposed with 'jet ski accidents'. i know jason's show next sunday is going to make me bawl. one foot in front of the other.
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