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yesterday alex picked me up from dulles and we:

1 / came back to my house, saw my parents and shadow.
2 / went to four seasons and saw assad. drinks: leigh - 1, alex - 1
3 / went to galaxy hut to see bill and lary. drinks: leigh - 1, alex - 1
4 / went to the diver city house to hang with peter and carol drknbutterfly. drinks: leigh - 3?, alex - 2?, carol - 2, peter - 1.

at diver city, we had a peanut butter taste test where we had to guess the flavors. i loved carol before, but seriously dude, SHE RULES! i did the taste test first with a blindfold:

photos from number 4 are here.

today i went to crafty bastards. i met in real life: cynthia cyntergnomes, heidi mypapercrane, and saw jenny pomly again. i also saw oscar, sun, chuck, jennifer, jen p. cassettecounty, nana, josh sisk, kathleen babykdj, daniel (balki), etc. etc. etc. i mean, seriously, everyone was there. even kristen kristennn was in town! INSANITY! i totally miss dc so much. i went to asylum with daniel where i drank a mimosa and ate waffle fries. then we went to crooked beat! after crafty bastards, i came back and we went to light a candle at church in memorial of my grandma. then my aunt, uncle, and mollie came over and we each said something we remembered about her and how important she was to us. you know what is awesome? after refurbishing santa mouse, my mom reminded me that my grandma gave him to me. that just makes me glow.

i am going to see serenity since i know birthday girl danelle has seen it this weekend and dan just saw it with matt today, so i am going with ginny and andy who both happen to be in dc right now too. AW!
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