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renegade craft fair wrap!

after paying allison back for the registration fee and the cost of renting tables, i made a total of one dollar. oh well. i tried hard. here i am, optimistic at the start of the day. i'm not complaining. i can look forward to future craft fairs all being better than this time 'round.

you can see a few more photos here!

there were so many awesome vendors there, but i was frugal. i did i end up buying a zombie monkey for dan from funkstart, a 'greg jr. by jenny harada, and a kangaroo patch from wonderland q. my favorite booth was miss alison's. she makes some of my favorite crafts. i had bought a clutch from her at depart-ment last winter and she's expanded her stock to include these awesome accordian wallets! check out her stuff at her newly updated site.

also, last night we finished watching 'firefly', so we are now ready to tackle 'serenity'.
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