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what i did tonight

happy birthday to diana artemiswinter! i still need to wrap her present. EGADS!

so, i told you i was getting a jump start on my sampler contribution for the month of october. these really required way more work than they needed to since i printed out text underneath the octopus and then realized since it wasn't the clear rough n ready shrinky dinks that i had used (since i used the printable bright white instead) that the image would indeed appear backwards. so, i had to go over the words in green marker and THEN give them two coats of sealer. ungh! however, i do like the way that they turned out and i am looking forward to doing more. i absolutely love this medium though i am feeling so light headed after all the sealing.

i watched 'a lot like love' with danelle after watching another episode of six feet under. before that i had watched the second half of 'funny haha', which i actually really enjoyed despite not being able to tell if it was a documentary (the info button said 'character study') or a movie. hm! bug death toll today: 2. bug vacuum to get here: ?

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