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some people aren't so nice

8/29/2005 6:51 PM Logan Square (CTA Train) -$1.75 $9.25
8/29/2005 4:19 PM Damen_O'Hare (CTA Train) -$1.75 $11.00
8/29/2005 8:35 AM Logan Square (CTA Train) -$1.75 $12.75
8/28/2005 11:33 PM Logan Square (CTA Train) -$1.75 $14.50
8/28/2005 2:26 PM Damen_O'Hare (CTA Train) -$1.75 $16.25
8/28/2005 2:25 PM Damen_O'Hare (CTA Train) -$1.75 $18.00
8/27/2005 7:43 AM Midway (CTA Train) -$1.75 $19.75

the bolded is the last time i used my cta card. i guess i must have lost it sometime on saturday when pulling things out of my pockets. anyways, i guess it could be worse. i must have droppde it sometime after i went to paul's on sunday to surprise him with waffles since the first time it gets used after midway was the damen blue line train. oh well, it's been reported and i'll get a replacement soon enough.

tonight could come faster.
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