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"if home is where the heart is, then my heart is here..."

this guy quit his dayjob so he could dance on every continent: dancing matt. my fave scene is in kenya, where a giraffe runs behind him in the distance.

last night paul came over and helped me put the feet on my IKEA sonne storage unit. later i picked him up and we took brandy and dennis to dinner at flo to give them a night of thinking about something other than the wedding next weekend! dinner was slow coming but delicious and then we headed to happy village for a drink. dan was already there and we called nadia & dan to meet us there. nadia showed us her hott new haircut. it was packed and sceneville usa (so weird because it wasn't like that a year ago). danelle showed up and it was a good time swapping stories. nadia and dan went to get the pugchows to introduce them to brandy. :) mmhmm!

i'll be making a more formal announcement about this later, but our housewarming party is set for september 17th, so mark it down. we're calling it "SHOW & TELL" because in addition to bringing an item for the POTLUCK portion, you will need to bring an item which you talk about a la grade school. this part is not a joke! to get into our apartment, it is mandatory that you bring something to show & tell about!

a plethora of things to do before i leave for the 'burgh tomorrow:

sell my comforter set to a woman off craigslist
filing the police report on my car
setting up the estimate at gerber networks to look at my car DONE! it's tomorrow morning and paul is taking it in
finish reading the picture of dorian gray since i am SO CLOSE to the end
fold my laundry & possibly do some more laundry
get my desk in some semblance of working order
SHOOT! i totally forgot to bring stuff to donate for the community yard sale at wolcott & iowa (or something like that)

ps. you know how i am obsessed with headlights? well, the enemies ep sounds EVEN BETTER in my car. like, whoa! i'm kind of glad diana is working from home today so she doesn't have to listen to this ep the entire day! :)

double ps. i had two dreams last night. 1) club 8 was playing a show and i was freaking out that i had to go but had no vacation days left. 2) i was at a crosswalk at the bottom of a curvy hill but i was in a rush and the light seemed like it was broken and no cars were coming, so i started walking across the street and then a car zoomed out from nowhere and hit me and i felt my body slam across the hood of the car and i jerked awake thinking of all the things i never got to do. i blame all of this on six feet under.

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