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the 'gwai

the 'gwai were great. wow. they really were. i taped the show. i haven't watched it yet, but i know it'll be okay. my arms ache from holding my camera. i am feeling so tired + so hungry. i'm almost too tired to walk to my bed to take a nappy. i might do that in a minute. last night was so fun! i will reiterate the fact that i love meeting new people and learning about ppl who i know very little about. shannon + tim came with me to the show last night and we met up with 5 other kids there [laini, ding, nic, bob, and vilkas]. anyways the show completely blew me away. mega shout outs to bob for the ear plugs, because without them my ears would have fallen off. even with them in, it was hella loud. mmm.

speaking of hella loud: i just called laini + told her about the mush records showcase on 4 june that i became interested in when i saw cLOUDDEAD were playing. hood played some dates with them and that was how i heard of them. however, i had not heard them until today. i went on a downloading spree and downloaded stuff by all the bands playing. AND EVERYTHING IS GOOD. so that show will be pretty darn good then! and sleep would be good too; right
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