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listing off a lovely weekend

photos of adam/gretchen's party on friday night can be found by clicking on dave perezident's mug above.

a list of things i did this weekend (in semi-chronological order):

i sold a couple of things on cl.

i went to adam's party.

in the torrential rain coming back from said party, my car was rear ended, the truck sped off, paul gave chase, the car ran stop signs and quickly got away. my bumper is actually kind of fucked and the sides have belted out. sigh.

i watched some more of 'six feet under', season 1.

danelle and i bought a strawberry torte cake from dinkel's and then went to trader joe's.

dan and nadia came over to eat said torte and we continued to watch 'six feet under' episodes whilst crafting.

re: crafting...danelle and i both worked/brainstormed on our submissions for the october sampler.

danelle and i did our promo for dcfc's sleep well, drive carefully and realized that THREE RECORD STORES HAVE CLOSED (hi fi records by metro, evil clown and the record exchange <-- i think that closed ages ago, but i just never remembered to look for it).

i got my sewing machine fixed.

danelle showed me how to use it.


i watched the end of season one last night immediately before the series finale last night. i kept debating whether or not i was going to do it and now i regret that i watched it. oh well. nothing i can do now.

afterwards, brendan left and dan and i went to see 'the 40 years old virgin' with dan. it is quite possibly the funniest movie i have ever seen.

i woke up early today and accomplished quite a few things!

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