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m-op wrap up!

man, even though my flight was delayed 3 hours (i did get to finish reading a book and get halfway through east/west & talk to charlene grassfire) and i got back at 1am, this weekend was worth it because of last night. this morning my 'rents and i went to the majestic cafe and ate a delicious meal and i saw ben adams (from the old now! days) and it was awesome!

it will be extremely difficult for the next make-out party to top #8. it was absolutely brilliant. everyone was in high spirits despite the high heat downstairs. every single band totally brought the rock. kris racer entertained with his broken heart indie pop upstairs. 4 entire bowls of punch were consumed. since we didn't get a keg this time we were able to pay the bands out more. jake from alcian blue is a king among men and brought his PA and did sound for us. it was just awesome.

the only negative thing was that we realized there were only two mic stands in the house so i called bill at galaxy hut and sent kevin lil' hospital to borrow two from there and i brought them back to bill with perry and alex (the prayers and tears of arthur digby sellers). it was great just meeting alex IRL after being lj pals. oh man, thebrotherkite are just amazing live. they are also the sweetest kids ever. i pretty much died seeing them. i am SO glad they could play. oh my. plus, it was just great seeing carol bui again. she's such a great gal. if i could remember how to spell her lj name i would type it here.

for the next one i would truly like to have one door person that takes money/cds and answers questions, etc. because some people last night weasled their way out of making a donation, which is pretty much TERRIBLE AND LAME since these bands played their hearts out and two of them drove a great distance! ungh!

from dcist:
"There's no actual making out at the Make-Out Party (well, not unless you get pretty drunk and try your luck), but there is a lot of great music. These shows, which have been going on for nearly as long as we can remember at the Diver City House in Arlington, feature baked goods, fun new music, and tons of cute indie kids. Get more information on the bands and directions at the web site. $6 entry, $4 if you bring a mix tape or mix cd for the trade afterwards."

from nightlife agenda of washington post:

"Despite the name, there's nothing sketchy about the irregular Make-Out Party gatherings in Arlington. Held at the Diver City House (a group house that's seen its share of punk and indie-rock shows), this is a night for people who want to take a chance on new music, thanks to five bands and a mixtape (or mix-CD) exchange. Make your own mix and bring it, too, and you can trade with other music fans after checking out Providence, R.I., shoegazers thebrotherkite, Chapel Hill, N.C.'s the Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers, local indie rockers the Lil' Hospital, Carol Bui, and Chicago-based DJ Kris Racer. Admission is $6 ($4 if you bring a mix to trade); the music starts at 8; and the trading begins around 10. Get directions and more info at"

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