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dan has a bed!

in case you can't tell, the above photo is dan laying atop his new mattress and next to his new bed frame both purchased at IKEA. we drove back from IKEA schaumburg just like that. it was a shining moment that had to be captured!

re: dentist. i went on tuesday like i said, thinking it would only take 30 minutes to just fill up the hole where the filling had fallen out. not so fast! i was there for 2 hours getting a deep cleaning. the dentist seemed to think i might have to get a root canal if the nerve is damaged in the part underneath my tooth, so...PLEASE cross yr fingers for me. the difference between me going back on monday and getting a filling and getting a root canal and then a filling = (doing math) $450. i have no idea. it's still bleeding a lot if i brush the area that the filling was in. i have no idea what that means. sigh.

i came to the realization only a little while ago that i will be on a plane tomorrow. this make-out party came up SO quickly, but amazingly, i am prepared for once (minus packing/making my m-op mix). i really have no idea what's going to happen with this one, since two of the bands playing both are playing shows a few days prior to m-op. i'm kind of nervous actually. cross yr fingers, loves. also, you loves in dc who will be around, please show up. this one is a fantastical bill!

find keys
make m-op mix
see shumai/the specific heats/etc. @ big horse tonight
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