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make-out party #8 - august 6th @ diver city house

thebrotherkite: if dcfc were shoegazers from providence, ri - 11p
the lil' hospital: bedroom recordings that have grown rock chops - 10p
the prayers and tears of arthur digby sellers: literati storytellers from durham, nc - 9p
carol bui: girl, interrupted blues-noise rock - 8p
upstairs: kris racer (in between sets)

the 8th make-out party on saturday, august 6th is one of our most astounding line ups yet. even if you have not heard of these bands, i guarantee you will walk away having had your jaw drop at least once. i know i am all pins and needles! :)

ps. this is the first BYOB one we've done in awhile, so come prepared.
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