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"the calendar was the saddest thing i ever read..."

i did it again. i completely missed a show i meant to go to - i am the world @ black cat. i knew there was something tonight, but i was so tired after my long day that i came home, rewound the film in my lomo action sampler + passed out on my stomach sideways on my bed. i woke up at 10:30 with a drool puddle on my arm. HOT! then i talked to jen and she said she was thinking about going to the promise ring tomorrow and asked if it was sold out. i checked the black cat homepage and that's when i realised that i'd missed most of the show. oh well.

today i woke up early + did some street team stuff for lamya before heading off to school. was my first day back at mason. i'm re-taking english 202 with the same teacher i took it with when i failed. i've already read 2 of the 6 books, so that's good. basically, if i don't do well in the two summer classes i am taking, i am giving up on school for the time being and putting it on the back burner. i'd really like to just get it over with tho and that is what i intend to do.

other than the fact i started school today and missed i am the world, the middle part of my day was good. i would like to announce that today i officially added another boy to the rockstar boyfriend list: drew kissingbook/mosquitos. i feel so bad that i missed their show at galaxy hut last night, because i was at bright eyes. the bright eyes show ended up just being alright. conor seemed really ticked off for some reason and he took it out on the audience. maybe he was mad at the audience. anyways, the show suffered. it was mostly new stuff and nothing really tore me up the way his older stuff did. sigh. all in all, he didn't play any of the songs that i wanted to hear, the ones that crush my soul. in retrospect, this is probably a good thing because, honestly, i would have lost it.

after my class today i called kevin, because i knew he was in town for the show last night and he told me the mosquitos were at his house and asked if i wanted to come over and then go do something with him + the mosquitos who had stayed at his house. i got over there and we decided on tastees and then the zoo! hopefully the pics i took with the new lomo will come out! i think i got some cute ones. we'll see what comes out. i got to spend today with kevin + 3 ppl i had just met at two of my fave places. it was a nice day. i would like to meet more new ppl. heck, i'd like to meet more cute boys. i don't want a boyfriend. i'd just like to have more cute boy friends. is it wrong that i looked at drew's stomach while he stretched? is that creepy? one time while driving, i looked at him in the rear view mirror and he looked at the mirror from behind those big coke bottle glasses and i totally swooned. i swooned again when he was oohing + awwing at the pygmy marmosets. jeremiah used to do that. sigh - today was the first time i have seriously swooned since february. all that i really want in the world is the swoonery that i had with jeremiah back. i'm waiting and aching for it.

and now off to re-read the first 83 pages of lucy by jamaica kincaid. books books books. i'd really like to read some more of ralph's party by lisa jewell, but school books override fun books.

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