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"but your mother wants to put you away..." another meme

Last Cigarette: a previous life perhaps. otherwise, never.

Last Alcoholic Drink: strawberry bellini @ square kitchen on sunday morning.

Last Car Ride: yesterday to thai village.

Last Hug: tonight when paul left.

Last Time You Cried: on my way to work this morning while reading the last few pages of timolean vieta come home by dan rhodes. oh my.

Last Library Book: it was a 'how to crochet' book back in virginia.

Last book bought: i can't remember the last one i actually bought. lost & found was one of them, which is what i started reading this morning.

Last Book Read: see above.

Last Movie Seen in Theatres: charlie & the chocolate factory.

Last Movie Rented: firefly dreams is what i currently have out from blockbuster online.

Last Cuss Word Uttered: shit?

Last Beverage Drank: odwalla limeade.

Last Food Consumed: reeses' puffs cereal and 2% milk an hour ago.

Last Crush: the guy from the m83 video. OMG. sheesh!

Last Phone Call: paul.

Last E-mail you wrote: to someone about make-out party.

Last TV Show Watched: 1/2 of knitty gritty last night with danelle.

Last band you saw: tortoise @ intonation.

Last Time Showered: yesterday morning.

Last Shoes Worn: awesome 'foots' brand from (hearts).

Last CD Played: a mix that i got from the mix swap april set up ages ago.

Last Item Bought: mcafee virus scan.

Last Annoyance: that i broke my freakin' tape deck tonight while trying to get the tape of 'proofs' that i made out. sigh.

Last Disappointment: that i can't find my earbuds!

Last Soda Drank: sprite this morning.

Last Words Spoken: talking to danelle asking her the name of that knitting show we watched last night and before that i asked her about sissix.

Last Ice Cream Eaten: DEAN'S FOX FUDGE FREAK OUT (best ice cream ever)

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