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"we heard the monkees on the radio; the only song you know..."

"Well it was stolen away by some devil inside of you,
'Cause things look beautiful when they’re away from you."

evidence that i didn't do much this weekend:

- pam anne_asta sent me the cillian murphy song 'so new' and i've listened to it about 50 times.
- i settled up things at the old apartment and shifted a few things around at my new place. even though it feels more like home that the first two apartments combined, i still refer to it as my new apartment.
- i watched 4 movies on saturday.
- dan and i helped danelle and her parents move her in.
- paul, brendan, adam, jennifer and i ate brunch at square kitchen and i got tipsy on a peach sunsrise and a strawberry bellini.
- paul, dan, and i ate dinner at thai village.
- i asked paul to find me an old t-shirt that i could rip up and i made church some fun toys that we played around with. church is such a great cat.

short short reviews of the four movies i watched saturday:

1 | she gets what she wants: uninspired, yet perfectly alright to pass the time with teen comedy where a french exchange student takes over the life and love of her vapid, head cheerleader host. to note: trent ford, mandy moore's love interest in 'how to deal' is in it and is just as worthless in this film as he was in that one. he's like eddie furlong meets christian slater or somesuch.

2 | a fond kiss: a drama set in scotland about a relationship between a pakistani man, whose goal is to open his own dance club, and an irish music teacher. many conflicts keep the two apart, but ahh, love conquers all, or does it? an interesting look at what happens when two worlds collide.

3 | the 24th day: i put this movie in having forgotten what the storyline was about. the story was riveting and was one of the most memorable films i have ever seen. a man holds another man hostage and tells him he was the only man he has ever been with and that he now has AIDS. while waiting the day that it will take for the test to come back, the hostage swears he is certain he did not give AIDS to his captor. i kept thinking that it would make an amazing play and only realized today that it was a play first. i think that everyone should watch this movie, as gritty as it sometimes is. i'd say it should be shown in every sex ed class, but i'm certain that only a handful of schools would ever even consider showing it. WATCH THIS FILM.

4 | new york minute: exactly what i expected. i would have thoroughly enjoyed this in my teen years and i still enjoyed it today. eugene levy is worthless!

ps. i just saw a photo of my friend/roomie dan immediatetongue on threadless, his new place of employment. want to see? click here! hee! a boy said he was sexy! go danimal!

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