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intonation & acts of high class

Set on Flickr here and by jove, there is one picture of me that I think is mighty awesome! :)

Randolph Wine Cellars (also The Tasting Room) was good to us on Saturday pre-Intonation. Danimal immediatetongue, Kristina dreamallday, her friend Justin (lj tag is not remembered at the moment). Collectively we decided to skip a few bands at Intonation to go to a free wine tasting. A lovely boy named Clint took us through 12 (I believe) wines. We purchased a Riesling and, unsure of the punishment for drinking in a parked car, decided to drink in an alley behind a dumpster (see above). Anyone who knows me knows that I love ridiculous situations and this took the cake. It was one thing to consume a twist off bottle of wine in a car with Michael and entirely another to drink with three other people in broad daylight.

I could write heaps and heaps about this weekend, but my eyelids are not strong enough to stay open much longer. Dan and I had an awesome time hanging out on Day One, but I did not go to Day Two of Intonation because Kristina and Justin being in town WORE ME OUT! Instead of show-going Dan and I first pushed around furniture downstairs and then went to Webster Place to see Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory but the showing we wanted to see (and the following one) was sold out, so we went with our third choice since our second choice, Fantastic Four, was playing in a theatre that the air conditioning was broke in which was one of our main reasons for wanting to see a movie in the first place. Our third choice was Wedding Crashers, which is NEARLY forgettable. Christopher Walken didn't even save this one, folks. Fun fact though: There was a Weakerthans track in the movie - what!?

After the movie we came back and continued to push things around and I made a huge dent in cleaning my room. Wondering why I haven't showed any pictures since I moved in a month ago? My room is still not in order! I am off to sleep.

ps. thanks to an awesome friend i have the new death cab for cutie album, plans and i will say that it is every bit as amazing as i had hoped it would be. i have no way to share this with anyone due to new copyright technology that will reveal the name of who leaked it if i were to do so. this may sound like a tease, but it's more like i'm telling you guys of my gushy new love. you know me and the dcfc. hee. that made me think of, "do you remember the j-a-m-c and reading aloud from magazines?"

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