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___ years ago, ___ months ago, etc.

swiped from hello_morning

10 years ago I
1. had not been to my first real concert yet, but went a month later
2. was certain i wanted to go to university of iowa
3. was obsessed with the movie a clockwork orange

5 years ago I
1. had just thrown my first make-out party
2. was still reeling at how awesome now! music and fashion was
3. was still doing 'the madflowr hour' radio show at wgmu

2 years ago I
1. was djing the night ::CANDYFLOSS with alan (just alan) at dr. dremo's
2. had decided to move to chicago and get a frest start (july)
3. did my first and last hump night at galaxy hut (august)

1 year ago I
1. started my job here at the law firm as a file clerk
2. had just moved into my apartment at winchester & division with treefort and beckyg
3. went to paul's 4th of july party and jeremiah left me a drunken message after i not hearing from him in months

1 month ago I
1. had been dating paul a month and a year
2. had started packing up boxes to move
3. was dealing having to replace my car's alternator

Yesterday I
1. saw war of the worlds with brendan and paul
2. had an allaround relaxing day even though it was filled with stuff
3. ate dinner at pot pan with paul

3 things I love about me
1. that i truly try to give my all to those that i love
2. that i am finally starting to change perspectives and mindsets that have been with me my entire life
3. that i have begun refusing to let people walk all over me

3 things I can't live without
1. my cell phone
2. good friends and family
3. delicious food

3 things I would buy with $1,000
1. plane tickets
2. lots of new records
3. nice dinners

3 bad habits I have
1. procrastination
2. stubbornness
3. biting my nails (though now it's really only during movies)

3 shows I like
1. veronica mars
2. alias
3. debbie travis' painted house

3 things that scare me
1. war
2. spiders
3. that which none of us know about

3 things I am wearing right now
1. a thrift find blue shirt with ribbed shoulders
2. back gap flat front pants
3. my aerosoles black non-leather shoes that i desperately need to replace

3 of my favorite bands / musical artists
1. jason anderson/wolf colonel
2. radiohead
3. hayden

3 things you want to do really badly right now
1. go back in time to change a bad situation
2. go abroad
3. eat a delicious lunch

3 places you want to go on vacation
1. the uk
2. japan
3. portland

3 things that have made me cry lately...
1. war of the worlds
2. weekend drama
3. reading one of natalia internautte's journal entries

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