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new place, new furniture, new roommates, and possibly a new haircut?

i have a proper entry that i plan to post later with real life updates, but firstly, has anyone not read this article about zombie dogs? HOLY HECK! also, read this one about extracting video from cat brains. w the f!?

i'm going in tonight to sara at robert jeffrey for the second time. i am super psyched and i *might* do bangs for the first time since i was a kid. see...i had the same stylist for 20 years of my life (no joke) and she always warned me away from bangs since i have a small forehead, but i trust sara. she wanted to give me bangs last time but i changed my mind. anyways, now i am thinking that tonight might be the night. the most current photo i have of me on the internet of the front of my face is here:

here are some hairstyles that i love and could see myself having:
02... (this is a cut/color i have always wanted to get)
04... (what 20 something girl hasn't wanted to get her haircut?)

if you don't think any of these would work, please post photos/link me to haircuts you think i would look good with. what are lj friends for, right?
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