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batman begins again

so, i saw batman begins at the midnight showing and i feel that batman begins just might be the greatest superhero movie i have ever seen. ginny will love the fact that i have this section. the good: everything about this movie shone. christian bale was incredible. i truly believe this is his second coming and that even though he did make 'reign of fire' that this cancels out the wrong done by that film to his career. plus, he looks even more amazing than he did in 'american psycho'. katie holmes was actually really good in her role. cillian murphy was freakin' awesome as scarecrow. even liam neeson was good as the sensai type character, though in star wars, i felt he was weak. OMG, and the scarecrow was terrifying! the bad: half of the special effects when the scarecrow's victims were on psychotropic drugs were really lame and comical (yes, i know this was a comic, but where the other special effects are dead on, these fall far from the tree). and the ugly: 1) katie holmes'erect nipples in the closing scene. w t f! 2) half of the special effects of what people saw when they were on the were lame. the other half were quite good.

a bit ago i called in to work to use a personal day when i realized upon arriving home last night just how much stuff i still have left to pack. the majority is getting my cds and records out there but since i have nowhere to store it at the new place, i'm sort of SOL until saturday, which is why i remembered danelle and i were going to ikea originally on saturday. oops! also, i can't get my paycheck to mail into my bank since i'm staying home to pack, which is kind of unfortunate. ho hum. here we go!

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