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i'm kind of feeling like an adult these days and for the most part, it's a good thing.

last night after work, paul and i went to nadia and dan's place for quesadillas, which were AMAZING. yum to the nth degree! then nadia thegirlversion and i went to see the get up kids at metro. we arrived perfectly on time to see them, made our way to above 6 people deep from the front and rocked like it was 1999, or something! lots of huge singalongs, only 2 songs i was unfamiliar with since i didn't listen to 'the guilt show' or 'on a wire' much at all. it was awesome. i thought a lot about karyn during the show since we shared a fervent love for tguk and driving around with her to new york or around alexandria. i totally did the hand over my heart thing and i ever finger pointed a few times and maybe even teared up once (i'll catch you, egads)! at one point they asked how many people in the audience were over the age of 25 and, i am not making this up, barely 20 people raised their hands in a SOLD OUT show. it totally blew my mind! they ended with '10 minutes' and it was brilliant. lots of smiling faces on youngsters. after the show, nadia said that she often went to 7 eleven for post-show slurpee's, which was an incredible idea. we went and got her cuties stymie and nemo and walked them to happy village where we picked up paul and continued the walk. the only thing i'm sad about is that i didn't start hanging out with nadia and dan sooner, since i'll be starting my move as of tuesday night. HOWEVER, my new place 1 block south and 2 blocks east of where i currently reside, so basically i'm just making an acute triangle of my residences in chicago thus far.

yesterday i set up renter's insurance at my new place. it's something i always planned on doing, but being on the third floor, it wasn't such a risk before. i figure it's good to have it just in case and the guy on the phone said it was great that i keep lists of what i own.

today i FINALLY bought some vitamins from because i got free shipping and a free burt's bees starter kit! i ended up getting, in addition to the daily vitamin c pills i take, Nature Made Multi For Her Multi Vitamin/Mineral Supplement Tablets, Nature Made Vitamin E Softgels, and Citracal Calcium Citrate Tablets. i figure i might get one of those 7 day vitamin cases to make it super easy to remember.

i am drooling thinking about this year's taste of chicago! who wants to come with? also, still looking for people who want to help me tote boxes over to the new place.

also, BEST LINK EVER: - i mean, seriously.

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