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i can jump the gun now!

BIG NEWS: i am moving june 15th to augusta & hermitage with dan immediatetongue and danelle chemicalkisses. that's what i was holding my breath about last night. i met the real estate agent at the place at 5:30 last night. she showed me the place. within the first minute, i asked "where do i sign?". let me tell yuo, this place is completely unfinished right now; as in there is a circle in the floor in the bathroom where the toilet will go, but this place had this air of comfort that i really need in an apartment shared between 3 ppl. there are two entrances; one on the augusta side and then another around on the hermitage side. the living space and the kitchen are very good sized and the bedrooms are astronomically huge compared to most everyone that i know and especially in the wicker park area. all 3 bedrooms have nice, big closets and there are (well, will be) TWO, yes two, bathrooms. both of the two bigger bedrooms have skylights. yes, skylights. this place is gorgeous. i can't believe this wasn't the first thing i wrote when talking about this space, but here are two important words: SPIRAL STAIRCASE, from the main floor up to what will be danelle and my rooms. i am going to be paying more than i had originally thought i would, but honestly, i think it will be worth every dime. my sanity is completely worth it. big bedroom. lots of space for crafting. actually there is a huge closet that we could make the craft closet! anyways, lease is signed by both lessee and lessor, so i am golden. june 15th, here i come. in the mean time, i've got to JUMP on converting cds to mp3s and selling whatever i can to make money.

i was tagged by bedtimes drummer steve hotfreaks to do this film meme:

1) total number of films i own on dvd/video: dvds as in cased, purchased dvds - 40?, others - no comment, vhs - 200? (i discovered a ton of them in the basement when i was home this weekend).
2) the last film i bought: paul got me the strongbad emails dvd, so that's not really a film, but it's the last thing that money was spent on.
3) the last film i watched: 'the interpreter' in the theatre, 'frau holle' on my lil' tv at home.
4) five films that i watch a lot or that mean a lot to me: the last unicorn, a clockwork orange, love & sex, small change, and meeting people is easy: a film about radiohead.

5) pick five people and have them put this in their journal:
Shelly aerostatic
Adam whoisadam
Michael concept_engine
Ginny treefort
Janice copaceticgirl

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