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i don't want to jump the gun so i won't!

i took a cab home so i could drop stuff off at home and then i went to look at a place. it was lovely. i will say more about it later, but as my subject says i refuse to jump the gun. after coming back from looking at the place, i met paul o. at sultan's to quickly eat dinner and then i, leigh (yes you are reading the right journal) went to a BASEBALL game: chicago white sox vs. baltimore orioles @ us cellular/pepsicola/miller light etc. stadium with paul o. we met up with paul b. & friends, adam whoisadam, jennifer, and gretchen. it was good times! i drank a wee hot chocolate and everyone else consumed dollar hot dogs. i mostly just gabbed with gretchen. my favorite feature of the game was the kiss cam, in which the camera randomly selects people sitting together to kiss and stays on them until they realize that indeed the camera is watching them and that they must liplock. it's so ridiculous! i seriously probably actually watched about 5 minutes of the game throughout the hour or so we were there. we left right before the 9th inning because i wanted to beat the herds to the el. i got home around 10ish, came back and talked with ginny and tasha i_lack awhile, borrowed tasha's simcard to get the numbers off my old phone that weren't transfered (you can only store 250 numbers on a sim card and i have more than that). i recommend NEVER CHANGING PHONES EVER if you have more than 250 numbers in your phone because then you have to go through one by one with your new phone next to your old phone and figure out which ones were not transfered. much fun! then we watched THE O.C., which blew my mind away. we got tasha hooked on it! seriously, OMFG. when this season is over next thursday maybe i can finally watch the gazillion movies i have and work on ripping all my cds over to my hard drive. yeesh. tonight i had plans to see a real estate agent, but now i may have to call and cancel. tomorrow paul o., liz s., and adam s. have put together a belated surprise for my birthday and i am really clueless. admittedly, i tried to log into paul's email address, but had changed the password, so i couldn't even TRY to snoop. :/ i am clueless and he wouldn't even answer any of my questions. i do know that whatever it is, i have to be free from noon 'til whenever. WEIRDED OUT!

you have really got to see this: necoro, an animatronic cat (thanks chris).

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