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"all my letters go out of town..."

if you have not been to the official website for amelie, then stop what yr doin' [cos i'm about to ruin the lyrics + the styles that you're used to], and go already. i just uploaded some new LJ user icons! YAY! i felt it was time for a change. that's why the colours are different too. i changed my info on diaryland too.

in the past 24 hrs i:

+ had my immediate family bday party at toro tapas in shirlington
+ saw star wars: episode 2 - attack of the clones w/karyn
+ finished reading our noise by jeff gomez
+ made dan listen to bright eyes
+ bought the books i need for class [starting this coming monday]
+ saw the lord of the rings - fellowship of the ring w/dan [4th or 5th time?]
+ ate at elie's deli w/dan
+ watched dan set up my dvd player
+ bought a lot of stuff at neo fancy world
+ took an hour long nap while 'ghost world' was playing on my new dvd player
+ watched the last two episodes of 'alias' [which is the best show ever]
+ dorked around on the computer for far too long
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