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i am 26 today

i am 26 today. yesterday was paul and i's one year anniversary.

a whirlwind of things have happened in the past few days, so i'll just sum it up in ever so popular list format, in chronological order:

+dan immediatetongue picked paul and i up from dulles and we dropped off paul at home to sleep, while we went to four seasons, where my long time favorite waiter asked for my phone number (what?!) to "take [me] out for birthday lunch."
+ on saturday i stayed in my pjs for hours and hours baking for m-op 7.
+ make-out party #7 was very fun, though confusingly less attended than previous make-out party events. all 48 cupcakes were consumed.
+i finished reading normal girl, which i borrowed from danelle.
+ i woke up with a huge headache on sunday morning so my dad drove to dulles to drop paul off.
+ later sunday afternoon we had a family party to celebrate my bday, my brother's bday (may 3rd), and mother's day. i was gifted with an amc giftcard, a custom designed timbuk2 bag (grey, silver, pink), a pair of moo shoes boots and a belt, as well as another pair from my aunt and uncle which will hopefully arrive before i leave for chicago tomorrow! actually, at make-out party i received an amazing frame & a photo of me and alex from miss shantron symptom and an awesome handmade bracelet and crocheted pillowcases from alison yersopretty. yay!
+ after my aunt, uncle, and mollie left, i went with my mom to walk shadow. man, my dog is cute as all get out. i miss her heaps and heaps.
+ that night alex and i went to four seasons again and had a good talk/laugh. everyone send "move to chicago" vibes his way. he would, like, OWN in chicago.
+ i came back and started putting together piles of stuff to keep, sell, or donate in my bedroom and then watched most of romance on the high seas, doris day's first film, which was cute as heck, but i fell asleep before the very end.
- yesterday i got up early and looked for apartments on cl and the reader, seeing as the landlord of the other place had not called me back sunday with an answer like he said he would.
+ my mom and i went to the mall to see 'the interpreter', which was quite good. natalia, i really think you should see it. the politics are really intriguing in the film and i think you would appreciate the opening shots of africa. i believe it was shot on location. after the movie, i got some new work pants at gap on sale and signed up for a gap card since i've never had one before and i do actually buy a lot of my work type stuff there and nearly all of the pants i own. then we went to kohl's and i got two dress shirts.
-/+ i came back and called the landlord asking for an answer, which i was certain would be no on the apartment. then i made some appointments to look at a few other places and then skeedaddled to jeff glueslabs house to pick up him and shantron to go to cafe asia for dinner. while waiting for food, i took a phonecall from the landlord who told me the answer was indeed no, but he did not give me a reason. either way, he said he was sorry but that he had a friend who had a great place around the corner on haddon and that i should give him a call or that he would give his friend a call, so who knows? i called that other landlord and he seemed great and i made plans to come straight from the airport and see the place. over the phone, he seemed like an older version of dave perezident. eitiher way, i've got a few places to see when i get back, so i'm voiding out my promise i made to myself of a week of not thinking about it. in fact, i'd rather just have all of that figured out sooner as opposed to later so i can just CALM THE FUCK DOWN until it comes time to actually move in. so, everyone please cross your fingers for me. tomorrow night. this one could be a winner.
+ after going to cafe asia in arlington, i drove out to 29 diner in fairfax, va to meet up with christina, chach, chach's gf (omg, i forgot her name. shoot. i am terrible with names.), and danimal. i was stuffed from my lime chicken, but i managed to stomach a piece of pecan pie a la mode and a coke. MAN, love! it was good being in that place. i wish i'd taken more photos of it. i'll be putting some photos on flickr sometime.
+ my plans today are to lunch with balki dan. i'd like to meet up with niko at some point. tonight is my birthday dinner at las tapas with my parents or possibly just my mom if my dad is still sick (he's been sick all weekend and yesterday and today he's sleeping on the couch right across from me). then it's on the lucksmiths/ladybug transistor/pipas/the lil' hospital @ dc9. btw, for those of you who i didn't already tell, i talked to mark at the chicago show (beat kitchen) and he confirmed that they WOULD team with ladybug and make THE LUCKY LADYBUGS and play 'even stevens'. HECK YES! happy birthday to me!
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