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a half wasted weekend

good morning everyone. ladies, please check ---> it received two whoas when imed to two friendy friends just now! thanks taryn!

this weekend on saturday i felt hella sick for whatever reason and i laid around most of the day and took a few naps. in between naps ginny and i went to the random consignment store at augusta & winchester without a name that is only open on weekends and often you have to knock for them to let you in. the majority of their business is done selling stuff on craigslist and ebay. i have found some amazing things at that store and on saturday, i found a great lamp. it's a 50's blue and green lamp that is just beautiful. yay! i'm waiting to hear back whether or not we got this place (yes, a different place) that i saw thursday and fell in love with and signed everything and even gave the rental agent a check to give the landlord for the security deposit, before i buy anymore furniture/accesories. i put my armoire up on cl yesterday to see if i get any bites. i'd LOVE to sell it and put that money aside for movers so i don't have to trouble any of my friends this time 'round. either way, it'd be good just to get what i paid for it. saturday night i stayed at paul's new place and we started watching 'bright future', but he was zonked, so we curled up in bed and i finished in watermelon sugar, while he snored. man, richard brautigan, why had i not even heard about you until this past year?

yesterday i went on a full on cleaning frenzy while paul was getting the last of his stuff from his new place. becky was showing my room to a friend of hers who might move in july 1st, so i was trying to clean up. in the process, i amassed a pile of clothing to either sell at our yardsale, sell in lots on ebay, and recently i've decided i'll sell off some of it on my journal, a la kayte so_gracefully. i'll donate whatever i don't get rid of with by these means. i really like this; weeding out the unworn. i have an entire bag of paper to dispose of on the back porch and i brought a stack of stuff to shred at work today. i brought paul chipotle after cleaning and i flipped around on his rabbit eared television and ended up watching 'hallmark presents: riding on the bus with my sister', which is a fucking ridiculous made for tv movie starring rosie mcdonnell and andie mcdowell and the bruce vanexel (sp?) from judging amy whose name eludes me. it frantically tries to tug at your heartstrings, meanwhile not noticing it's actually wringing your neck. i'm off to drop something to my boss at court. it's his birthday today!

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