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awesome babelfish meme!

as posted in sonia fifthbusiness's journal:

--Pick a song everyone knows.
--Take the lyrics to babelfish ( and
translate English to German to French to English.
--Copy out the result and give clues and see who can guess the song.

If I do not become old me
gives inside but if me to point out it me this one
point out to me that at once which I was free
at once that I was fresh
at once that I was me
And if me hinsass and cross my arms stops him me in this song

strike me outside with
Smash of my brains
if I take a chair with beginnings to speak to you about Scheisse
If I become old to point out you to me this one of
this night kissed us and I really meant it
What also always arrives
if we still speak to raise telephones it to you on plays you me this song.

yo kids. there is a new way to send money online. saw it on april's journal and it's a good idea to at least sign up because you will get $25 for doing so. "Their website doesn't officially launch until this summer, but you can pre-register now and earn some great rewards. Plus, if you open an account now, you'll get $25 from me!"

czech it:
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