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checking off boxes of movies to watch

this weekend i watched a heck of a lot of movies:

raise your voice: honestly, this was a terrible movie, but i really enjoyed watching it. i love seeing how rejects and punk kids from society are pictured on film. this movie was RIDICULOUS. seriously, i have no idea how anyone thought this was a good idea to make. plus, hilary duff's voice actually sucks in it and i mean, as in i would rather listen to nails scratch across the blackboard than listen to her "practicing" in the movie. also of note: one of the songs she sings sounds like a get up kids song with a girl singing. i mean, we're talking identical. very bizarre.

united states of leland: after the above ended i felt like i had to watch something else, so becky and i put this on, which we saw trailered on 'love me if you dare'. WELL, this was, by far, the best film i watched all weekend. it truly made my heart beat. i felt like i was watching a david gordon green film; the dialogue; the subtle acting, and the fact that ordinary things are made beautiful. it's actually very much like 'all the real girls' meets 'george washington'. that may not make sense to you, but you really should see this one. as the credits rolled, it reminded me that jeremy enigk (sunny day real estate, the fire theft) wrote the music! also, there are pixies songs aplenty. PUT THIS FILM ON YR QUEUES, PEOPLE!

suspect zero: this movie was alright, though ben kingsley was a little over the top at some points. i watched it with no expectations. some of it felt contrived, but the end had some interesting twists. if i said what movie this reminded me of, it would give away the twist, so i will not do so. ahh, i just looked at his profile to see who wrote this and what else they had done. well, one of his most recent includes elektra, which was unbelievably pathetic! i'm kind of at a loss. i guess that explains the weak dialogue. huh, but he also wrote pcu. that vexes me. in any case, this film was alright if you're looking for a semi-gruesome thriller.

i need to get around to watching Akarui mirai (bright future). i'm very much looking forward to it.

this weekend i also watched a few mr. show - season 3 episodes and a few monty python's flying circus episodes off disc 3. SO GOOD! i didn't accomplish anything i set out to other than cleaning and seeing damien jurado last night @ schuba's. i am SO glad i went, even if it was by myself. he was playing with a full band and this was, by far, the best i'd seen him. he did 'intoxicated hands' and i was bawling. a boy next to me was covertly wiping his face too. for his encore damien started with 'ohio' and amazingly i stayed dry-eyed. that was always a really meaningful jeremiah song. i'm really glad he didn't do 'a simple hello' though. the full band of 'abilene' was beautiful and man, the new t-shirts are beautiful too. i think that you would like them mandaroo. i can't find a picture online though. grr! i ended up picking up his lp of demos and the new album. go d-j!
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