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f.n.b. (fascinating new book) & a french film

if you're on of my friends with whom i share an affinity for books that even so much as mention music, then your next read really ought to be So You Wanna Be a Rock & Roll Star: How I Machine-Gunned a Roomful of Record Executives and Other True Tales from a Drummer's Life. the author, jacob schlichter. the paperbook is being published ON MY BIRTHDAY, May 10th, so if you're not the type to lug around a hardcover, then wait until then to buy it. even if you avidly dislike semisonic, i still suggest you read it, because it's a wonderful and true story of the band's climb to the top of the charts, selling millions of records, yet still owing their record label recoupable expenses. there appears to be no sugar coating here. he tells it like it is, even if it means dirtying the names of some big whig producers, djs, and managers. also, it's really well written. i'm 70 pages in and already i've had to look up a few words. it's amazing because rarely do members of popular bands write books like this one, if ever. there might be a one off article in a magazine entitled "my life on the road," or something equally meh, by a member of a popular band. when a book is written about being in a band, authors tend to glorify the typical "sex drugs and rock and roll" type lifestyle. granted, semisonic is the band that penned "closing time", a song which i am sure many lp trixie types truly latch onto and make they're not as edgy as many bands, but this book really does bring a new light to cookie cutter image we've known as the rock bio. thank you tim dronepop for recommending it.

after the o.c. last night becky and i watched love me if you dare, which i feel wasn't really given the credit it was due. for the first half hour or so i was appalled at how many techniques of jean-pierre jeunet the director yann samuell was borrowing from, but then i really became involved with the story and stopped thinking about it so much. g-d you amazing film class teachers i had! sometimes i feel like my prior schooling can ruin films. gigi akoka, the casting director, should win whatever it is casting directors win. she did an amazing job casting the children especially. if you love truffaut's small change, then i believe you would love this. it involves a children's game being played far beyond childhood. there is love, heartbreak, amazing effects, and a beautiful score. warning: i guarantee you will yell at both of the main characters at least once apiece during the viewing of this film.

i am very glad it's friday. tonight i plan to go to pure pop for now people @ underground lounge and then hopefully i'll be able to drop by rachel's for her bday celebration. tomorrow ginny, becky, and i had planned on cleaning the apartment. i don't know when that is happened, but in the early morning i plan to go yard sale-ing with paul. i also hope to further clean unwanted or unworn clothing out of my closet this weekend in preparation for a yard sale we plan on having saturday, may 14th. on sunday i think i will continue cleaning up my room and paring down on my possessions. i think it's all this watching HGTV's mission: organization, which is definitely one of my favorite shows of the moment. o.c. nerd moment! did trent give the girl the ecstacy!?

last but not least, today i got my first paycheck as a salaried employee. i can't express how amazing it is to know, from now on, how much i will be getting each paycheck. seriously, that blows my mind. i'll finally be able to work out a sort of budget for myself and start that savings account that i kept putting off because i was hourly and unable to figure out how much i could pull out for savings each month. salary = relief.

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