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fuck me, i'm twee (seriously) - mememe

italicize the bands you've seen on my list that you've seen play live, delete the ones you haven't and then add other bands you've seen play live to your list until you reach thirty. ones in italics were on kate's geezlouise list.

1 apples in stereo
2 yo la tengo
3 the rapture
4 low
5 flaming lips
6 jason anderson (wolf colonel)
7 modest mouse
8 unrest
9 the lucksmiths
10 cinerama
11 dismemberment plan
12 belle and sebastian
13 trembling blue stars
14 dressy bessy
15 aislers set
16 kissing book
17 the books
18 kings of convenience
19 mr. scruff
20 stereo total
21 the magnetic fields
22 darren hanlon
23 lilys
24 boyracer
25 broadcast
26 super furry animals
27 timonium
28 teenage fanclub
29 seldom
30 maserati

i'm sad i couldn't say that i've seen rocketship, architecture in helsinki, or the radio dept. i'll be seeing PIPAS soon enough though! mmhmm! PIPAS!

this is entirely random, but i forgot to write about the most amazing thing i saw this past weekend: i was carrying something to or from paul's house and i saw a 20-something indie boy riding a bicycle propping a computer monitor up on the handlebars. i broke into a huge grin and the boy smiled back at me and laughed. he must have realized how ridiculous and awesome he must have looked!
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