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nice dream? a result of a busy day? mayhaps.

i don't often so vividly remember them, but last night i had a dream and/or nightmare:

i magically appeared in the middle of a mysterious sniper type shooting spree, where no one could figure out who the shooter was or where he/she was shooting from. certain cast members of the o.c. were there, including adam brody. i came into it after someone had already been killed and the entire school body had, for some reason, been shooed into the (empty) cafeteria. apparently i was a masthead of some sort at the school because people were looking to me for instruction. as the first shooting took place, van morrison was blasting out of the loudspeakers. as i witnessed the second shooting take place, some modern day rock song (indiscernable to me in the dream) was playing through them. the other school teachers deduced that it was a student because of the modern day song. i remember thinking it was an older person for some other reason. one of the victims was somehow connected to lori (a lawyer here at my law firm) and she was bawling and i comforted and said that she shouldn't be sad because she had other people in her life that loved her and that was what life was about and then i tossed out very randomly a token jason anderson line that he gets everyone to sing at his shows: "the best thing in the world is to love someone and they love you back" and then i came to a revelation; that i had to get everyone to sit down in the cafeteria and that way we could figure out who the shooter was, so i somehow got everyone in the school sitting and then we all started singing: "the best thing in the world is to love someone and they love you back", and then someone was shot and we realized it had come from a window above the cafeteria (which seemed more like a gymnasium actually now that i think about it), but we kept singing and an elevator opened into the cafeteria and a 20something boy stepped out and said, "i have a bomb for the rest of you." then my cell phone alarm woke me up and i laid in bed thinking how truly bizarre that dream was and how happy everyone was singing those words: "the best thing in the world is to love someone and they love you back." how what was happening really and truly didn't matter.

anyways, it blew my mind completely.

friday night i saw new zealand's the brunettes at the elbo room because of liz's insistence that i see them. i went with brendan and met liz girlvii, patrick p2wy, and benjamin waxmuse and later jason c. there. it was great! they were truly truly scrumptious. they are opening up for the shins on this us tour, so friends, BE PREPARED TO GET THERE EARLY ENOUGH TO SEE THEM! liz put some of my photos up in her journal here! beware of CUTENESS OVERLOAD! saturday i went to liz's in the morning for blueberry muffins and then paul left to play frisbee with paul b. and gretchen. i met up with paul, brendan, and paul b. later for dinner and then came back and watched ring two (us). meh. next morning we had a house meeting and afterwards becky and i ran some much needed errands: coffee grinds for becky at alliance bakery, dropped coffee/cranberry walnut bread at paul's house, picked up one chair from there & brought it home, got a movie at blockbuster, got cleaning supplies/groceries at jewel, got chair pads & new stoppers for the kitchen table feet at home depot, went back to paul's house, got the other chair and brought it & aforementioned items back home. we put the stoppers on the table feet and then i briefly contemplated what i was going to make for dinner when adam and jennifer came over; settled on chicken in white wine sauce and grabbed ingredients and went back, for a third time, to paul's. we ran to the carneceria across the street from paul's to get some new chicken and some bananas to add to the banana pudding i whipped up and then started cooking at 6:45ish. geoff cooked a steak for himself, steamed some broccoli and made garlic cheese rolls (or something like that). adam and jennifer arrived with chips & guacamole, a salad, grapes, and bread and then adam started making his world famous (okay, well maybe world famous through LJ land) wings! we ate until i felt like i was going to die. i switched my laundry from washer to dryer and shortly after, everyone left, so paul, geoff and i started watching collateral damage and then everyone got sleepy and as usual, i was last to turn in. actually, looking back at this, i really did a lot yesterday, so man, i feel accomplished. yay me! my back up gocco supplies just came in (and not a moment too soon) from dick blick so i can finally start on my contribution for the june sampler. wahey!

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