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on eating watermelon one beautiful april morning

according to this article, Season’s Eatings: The Top 10 Healthiest Foods for Spring, avocados are actually a healthy food to eat. this is probably the best news i'll get all day! i <3 me some avocados! soon i'd like to go back to joy yee's noodle shop and get an avocado freeze. OH SO GOOD! just check out the drink list! if it's nice this weekend, it's be nice to go post the WLUW record fair! this is pipas listening weather! mm pipas! this morning my ipod, amalthea, played a bunch of indie pop including la buena vida, pipas, casper and the cookies, and then thermals and black eyes, another casper and the cookies song and then dntel as i walked up to work. now it's ben gibbard from a very milky christmas. interesting. maybe it knows that my thoughts have been very scattered lately.
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